Polpress speaks to the advantages of LED-UV

Chicago’s Polpress speaks to the advantages of LED-UV

Polpress is known throughout Chicago for the craftsman’s approach they take with each print job they produce. Investing in a better way to produce their demanding client’s projects has been of utmost importance to their business model. The RMGT 9-Series combines a perfect mix of technology and value allowing them to increase their business by at least 15%.

LED-UV and running smaller jobs on an offset press

In addition to the productivity gains, part of their success is due to using LED-UV inks, which allow Polpress to print on nearly any stock. “It has instant curing, and the idea of just running the job, taking it off the press and putting it on the cutter is just amazing. It’s like having a huge digital press, basically, a huge, full-sized digital press,” Majewski said.

As one of the only LED-UV printers in the city of Chicago, Polpress is also capitalizing on the environmental benefits to the RMGT 9 Series. Since it emits no VOCs and doesn’t require any sprays to keep the inks open overnight, nor any powders to help with drying, the work coming off the press is compliant with even the most stringent environmental regulations — including California’s Prop 65. “We don’t have those laws in Illinois yet, but I am sure they will be coming,” Majewski noted. And when it does, Polpress will be well-positioned to capture even more of the work in the Greater Chicago area and beyond.


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