Profiles in Profit Podcast Episode 2: Angstrom Graphics

By Theresa Manley | January 26, 2022

Graphco’s Profiles in Profit In our second episode of Profiles in Profit, we feature David Neumann, President and CEO, and Rich Neff, Director of Finishing and Logistics, of AngstromGraphics. Based in Cleveland, OH, AngstromGraphics has been in business for over a century and offers a wide variety of print, fulfillment, omnichannel and marketing solutions. After…

Advertisers Printing: Replacing Three Machines

By Theresa Manley | January 3, 2022

In our fourth installment of RMGT Open Mic, we’re talking with John Heeney and Alex Fechner of Advertisers Printing, based out of St Louis, Missouri. ​”It replaced three machines on our floor”, says Alex Fechner about their new RMGT Press. “We are doing the same amount of work in a shift or shift and a…


One Step: The Move to RMGT Offset

By Monica Keenan | August 9, 2021

In our third installment of RMGT Open Mic, we’re talking with Doug May of One Step. Based out of Davenport, Iowa, One Step used to be a digital only shop. Today, 90% of their work is printed on offset. “With the amount of variable print that we have, it’s hard to justify a million-dollar inkjet…


Range Printing: Unplugging Digital and Old Iron in Favor of RMGT Technology

By Theresa Manley | June 17, 2021

An RMGT Open Mic Podcast When is it more economical to move a digital job back to offset? In our second RMGT Open Mic session, we’re talking with Shawn Sundquist of Range Printing.  During this episode, we discuss a variety of topics, Ranging from migrating short-run work from digital to their RMGT 920 Six Color Offset Press with…


Profiles in Profit Podcast Episode 1: Kevin Bennett from EZ Mailing

By Theresa Manley | April 26, 2021

Graphco’s Profiles in Profit Why invest in new and automated equipment now? We feature Kevin Bennett in the premier episode of Profiles in Profit. Kevin’s vision and business philosophy have led EZ Mailing to meteoric growth and listeners will learn directly from a Graphco customer how his strategic investments are paying off. His shop experienced…


The Economics of Offset Printing vs. Digital Printing: Cockrell Enovation

By Monica Keenan | April 15, 2021

An RMGT Open Mic Podcast What are the real economics of LED offset printing? Our first episode of RMGT Open Mic features John Cockrell from Cockrell Enovation who tells the story of their transition from an Offset Printer to a predominantly Digital Printer and then back to a highly profitable RMGT & LED equipped Offset Printer.…