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Service Guys

Welcome to Graphco Support


The Graphco Technical Service Team assures maximum up-time for your offset and digital presses and print finishing equipment. Our customers rely on us to guide them to maximum returns on their sizable investments. Regularly scheduled maintenance inspections performed by experienced professionals ensure our customers’ continued satisfaction.



Graphco offers a full complement of mechanical services to commercial, in-plant, and trade-only shops. Our knowledgeable team of professionals is the key to our success. When you do business with Graphco, you get the benefit of factory-trained technicians with decades of industry experience. Graphco offers preventive maintenance agreements for most types of equipment. Become a Pressroom Partner with Graphco and receive discounts on supplies, equipment purchases, emergency calls, and other repair calls.



Our team, with the most highly qualified personnel and technicians, stays in close contact to ensure the fastest possible response times to resolve your equipment issues. Once a service call is placed to our Service Dispatch, we will determine the optimal strategy (phone consultation or on-site repair) to get you back into service as soon as possible. Our average response time for contract customers is less than four hours.



As part of our basic installation program, we train your key operators in both the use and care of your new equipment. Graphco offers operator training programs that enhance both operator performance and equipment performance. The Graphco Operator Training Program greatly reduces operator turnover and schedule-change setbacks. Because our training programs are conducted by Graphco technicians, experienced Operator Supervisors do not need to spend their valuable time training new staff. Our goal is to instill confidence and competence in all of your operators.



Graphco guarantees consistent equipment performance in your shop, through proven preventive maintenance and the quickest possible on-site response times. There is no team in the industry with more experience in equipment technical service, and no one understands better the importance of maximizing up-time in your facility. The skill and diligence of your operators, coupled within routine equipment “assurance reviews” by Graphco’s factory-trained technicians, are a winning combination.

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