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Profiles of Profit

From offset printers to folders and all print shops big and small, check out graphco's profiles in profit.

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EZ-Mailing Ep. 1

“Press powder kills, If I printed a job offset on one side, and variable-data on the other, I blow press powder through the digital press. With LED-UV technology on the RMGT 9 Series press, I don’t have that issue.”


The RMGT Open Mic Podcast

Every month we interview a customer who helped streamline their business using solutions from RMGT.

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Popular Episodes

Cockrell Enovation Ep. 1

​"The reality is that a digital press is just, flat out, not the print manufacturing solution for what we're doing in a commercial environment."

Range Printing Ep. 2

"Total cost of ownership improvement of the new RMGT press for us is all about the automation and the LED — we can now turn these short-run offset projects as if it was a digital press, and do it inexpensively through fast make-readies and lower energy consumption.”

One Step Ep. 3

“With the amount of variable print that we have, it’s hard to justify a million-dollar digital press to take care of that small amount of variable business. We made an analysis that indicated that the cost per impression and the throughput speeds of offset were much more compelling than printing digital.”

Advertisers Printing Ep. 4

​"It replaced three machines on our floor", says Alex Fechner about their new RMGT Press. "We are doing the same amount of work in a shift or shift and a half, five days a week"