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Foliant Vega 400A



The Foliant Vega 400A is our 2-Up Format Compact Industrial Laminating Machine. It is designed for heavy-duty lamination of digitally printed materials using an easy to run feeder. At 2,100 digital size sheets per hour, this workhorse keeps up with 2 digital presses and offers foiling as an option.




Foliant Mercury 530 NG 4x4

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The 4-UP Foliant Mercury 530 NG 4×4 is a Double-sided Industrial Laminating Machine, constructed for nonstop, heavy-duty digital and offset production. The beauty of the Mercury is non-stop and unmanned operation so the same operator can easily run a digital press, and their Mercury at the same time.




Foliant Pollux 760NG

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The Foliant Pollux 760 NG (B1+) is a high volume industrial machine which incorporates a rising pile back separation stream feeder with a suction paper feed head. The Foliant Pollux 760 NG B1+ high speed laminating system features high pressure pneumatics and user-friendly touch screen control panel as well as a ‘walk in’ service section. With production speeds of up to 50m per minute, the Pollux also benefits from a range of optional extras such as a pallet feeder, pallet stacker and a film-loading crane developed to support consistent high speed commercial production.

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