Updated Service Call Safety Protocols to Protect Our Service Technicians and Customer Staff

Graphco Technical Service On Site Health Safety Procedures Statement 

As we all move together through the current situation it was important for Graphco to review and revise our On Site Health and Safety Procedures. We want to share this new information to assure you we are keeping the health safety of your staff and ours upmost in our minds while still ensuring that your technical service needs are being met in a professional and responsive manner. 

You should have received our general statement in an email on Friday, but if you have not had time to review this information here is a link to the message: 

We feel it’s important to explain that in addition to Graphco’s existing sick leave policy, and with full consideration of any policies that may come from our government, we have also informed our staff emphatically that if they are not feeling well they should not work: period. Our goal is to remove any financial consideration from that decision to gain their full cooperation. 

To establish a safe starting point, we have asked all Graphco Service Technicians to sanitize their tool kits, individual tools and their work vehicles. We are using disinfectant which is advertised to kill 99% of all germs and viruses. If they are bringing spare parts on site these will also be sanitized before bringing them into your facility. 

In our partnership with your company we would ask that you notify Graphco if there are any health concerns within your production facility that would make the procedures below inadequate. 

To protect our staff and our customers, upon arrival on site we are asking that they sanitize the specific area of your equipment where they will be working. We recognize that this may have limits, especially regarding the floors, walls etc. which we will not be cleaning, however we do hope to clean the areas where human contact is likely (switches, touch screens, guards and handles, etc.) before we begin the service call. 

We will ask that both your staff and our technicians maintain a safe social distance (two arms lengths) throughout the service call. 

Next our technicians will properly wash their hands (20 seconds with antibacterial soap) to hopefully establish a safe work environment for everyone. We will limit our presence in your facility to the specific work area and the rest room facilities to limit exposure for everyone. 

Upon completion of the service call or installation procedure we will again sanitize all areas of the equipment that we have worked on and then our technicians will wash their hands before leaving your facility. 

As you may know, Graphco uses a tablet for our acknowledgement of service but until things return to normal we will ask that an individual from your company respond promptly to an email that will be sent by our dispatcher at the end of the service call. 

If your company has any other procedures that you would like us to adhere to during a service, installation or training call please let us know. We hope to work through this situation with as little interruption to all of our normal business practices as possible. 

Thank you, 

Graphco Technical Service Group 

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