VISOgraphic & RMGT Execs Meet In Addison IL

Addison, IL, June 18, 2018 – John Dahlke, COO of VISOgraphic, Kozac Takata, International Sales Director of RMGT and Derek Gordon, Midwest Regional Manager of Graphco met today to celebrate VISOgraphic’s tremendous success with their RMGT 10 Series press that was installed in October, 2017. VISOgraphic has met or exceeded all of their production and quality targets using their new RMGT 1020ST-6+CC+LED-UV as their flagship press. “Since introducing LED-UV technology on our new RMGT we cannot keep up with demand,” states John Dahlke. “The enhanced print quality, shine and addition of high value-added coatings is taking our market by storm.”

“Graphco is so happy to add VISOgraphic to our over a dozen RMGT LED-UV users here in the Midwest,” comments Derek Gordon. “The VISOgraphic Team has taken our technology and supercharged it with their innovative and ‘Can Do’ outlook. We are so proud to be involved with such a strong team.”

Kozac Takata, visiting the US to support RMGT customers from coast to coast, delivered an authentic, hand painted, Japanese porcelain print of Mt. Fuji with a flying swan. “This image symbolizes the strength of Mt Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan, and the speed and flexibility of the flying swan. On behalf of the entire RMGT corporation we wish VISOgraphic the utmost success and we hope their strength and speed will be like Mt Fuji and the flying swans.”

Thank you and congratulations to VISOgraphic from your friends at RMGT & Graphco.

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