Take Action: Urge Congress to Pass Year-End COVID Legislation!

PRINTING United Alliance is urging the industry to take action on an important issue now! 

As an essential industry, print and packaging has continued to function throughout a difficult 2020. And while a COVID-19 vaccination inspires hope for a safer, more productive 2021, experts warn of difficult winter months ahead. Congress is considering end-of-year legislation that would include COVID-19 stimulus and relief measures.

The last major COVID legislation was passed by Congress in April. It is time to update and extend previously passed provisions, and to address new areas of relief and stimulus necessary to a period of recovery. Timing is critical; Congress should not adjourn for 2020 without passing pandemic legislation.

PRINTING United Alliance member companies are called upon to take action today. Please contact your US Senators and US Representative and urge them to pass COVID-19 legislation. For your convenience, we’re providing a ready-to-send message calling on lawmakers to specifically support the following:

• Temporary, targeted COVID-19 liability protection to businesses that adhere to safe workplace guidelines from pandemic-related lawsuits
• Additional funding for and improved functionality of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), including making PPP loans already received fully tax deductible
• Pandemic-related funding to USPS for short-term relief that requires a sound long-term operational plan to keep USPS delivering print and packages
• Incentives to spur domestic manufacturing production of PPE, particularly for printers that have pivoted to this product line;Incentives to reboot safe attendance at live events and a return to business sales travel
• Provisions to help employers manage HR and workplace safety issues related to COVID-19.

The White House, Senate and House of Representatives are negotiating comprehensive year-end COVID-19 legislation now, and PRINTING United Alliance is advocating that key legislative priorities that will benefit our industry, its employees and its customers be included in a final bill. Please take action and make your voice heard at this critical time. 

Printing and packaging companies across the country must come together with a unified voice to seek year-end pandemic relief and recovery solutions that will take us all forward on the path to a safer country and a stronger economy. Thank you for taking action today!

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