Price-Per Impression Financing for the Offset World?

Expanding on the “pay-per-click” model that finances the acquisition of digital press, this new customer-centric business model offers financial flexibility.

Graphco, the Midwest distributor for RMGT Offset Presses, has introduced the Smart Impressions Financing Program, a unique method for Graphco customers to acquire the latest in RMGT Offset Pressroom Technology. Expanding on the “pay-per-click” model that finances the acquisition of digital presses, this new customer-centric business model offers financial flexibility as printers expand their offset print manufacturing.

The Smart Impressions Financing Program permits printers to finance their offset press, some or all of the consumables required – such as printing plates, inks, coatings, washup solutions, and blankets – and a wide range of technical support services, on a price per impression basis. Ongoing pressroom optimization is insured by Graphco’s industry leading Technical Service Group in both preventive maintenance and periodic “Encore Training” sessions which are geared to keeping RMGT Pressrooms running at full production.

“The “pay-per-click” model to finance digital presses and other 3-5 year assets has been available for many years,” states Chris Manley, President of Graphco. “However, an offset press has a much longer production life-cycle and is often the keystone to the balance sheet of many printers. Our new program allows for full ownership of their RMGT press at the end of term, unless the customer would truly benefit from an off balance sheet transaction.”

“As we discussed incremental ownership with our key customers, it became clear that a pay-per-use plan would work for some of their business models as long as the program supported their other financing arrangements,” continues Manley. “The traditional digital “pay-per-click” model has drawbacks for some printers. On the other hand, hard asset incremental ownership has many benefits for job costing and pressroom budgeting in the largest and most important part of their revenue stream, which continues to be offset print. The Smart Impressions Program will allow Graphco customers to pay for their RMGT press, and a custom mix of press related consumables and technical services, in one low cost per impression price while still owning one of their most valuable assets.”

Following an in-depth pressroom audit and review performed by Graphco’s staff, an RMGT press recommendation and Smart Impressions Program is tailored to each customer’s unique situation. The program is designed to accomplish the following goals: building equity through dramatically lower manufacturing costs, vastly improved production levels, and rapid debt retirement on their high value assets.

An option within the program allows for penalty-free, accelerated pay-off of the RMGT press through achievement of agreed upon production goals. Through partnerships with industry leading offset consumables suppliers the following are included in each RMGT Smart Impression: inks, fountain solutions, cleaning supplies, blankets and any spare parts required.

While Graphco’s expertise and product offering extends into the pre-press arena, the Smart Impressions Program will only involve most customers digital front end if the Smart Impressions audit shows a specific need for streamlining. “Most printers are very entrenched in their workflow and we only want to enhance the areas that truly need our assistance,” states Gary Greis, Graphco’s Southern Regional Sales Manager. “Color management is one key, however, and our color workflow software, RMGT’s outstanding color fidelity and our provision of the most stable pressroom supplies available from world class providers will provide a big boost in print quality and consistency. While the Smart Impressions Program isn’t the perfect fit for every pressroom we are proud to offer such an innovative and customer-centric program throughout the Midwest.”

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