Press Release: Graphco Carries Impressive RYOBI MHI Press Sales into 2015

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Graphco Carries Impressive RYOBI MHI Press Sales into 2015

Graph Expo Commit to Print Exhibition Reaps Rewards 

Cleveland, January 19, 2015 – On the heels of a tremendous year of growth and investment in a new Chicago area office and expanded sales penetration throughout the Midwest, Indiana and Michigan, Graphco has announced the finalization of significant new RYOBI MHI printing press sales to three premier customers in the final weeks of 2014.

As Graphco President Chris Manley recalls the accomplishments of the past year, “It was evident early at Graph Expo 2014 that the RYOBI MHI / GSNA Commit to Print exhibit was quickly translating into serious discussions and tremendous excitement.  The standing room only crowds during our live presentations and hands-on demos of the RYOBI MHI 925 LED-UV allowed us to immediately grab the attention of commercial printers driven to provide high-quality, low cost and extremely quick turn-around print to their customers. Our profitability edge is easily understood seeing instantly cured LED-UV sheets coming off the press in just minutes. Our VIP visitors also saw great strides in high-speed feeding, smooth paper handling, SMART Insta.Color automated make-ready and low power consumption that RYOBI MHI has brought to the market.  And best of all —our audiences were ready to listen and invest.”

Three RYOBI MHI Presses Sell in Quick Succession

Graphco’s three newest, high-profile customers were listening at Graph Expo as they finalized purchases and await delivery of three custom-configured RYOBI MHI printing presses including 16 print units, two perfecting presses and three RYOBI MHI/Panasonic LED-UV curing stations in total.

Woolverton Printing Company

Graphco is proud to announce the purchase of an 8-up, RYOBI MHI 925P LED-UV press by the prestigious, 115 year-young Woolverton Printing Company headquartered in Cedar Falls, Iowa, with an additional location in Spencer, Iowa.  The fully featured RYOBI MHI 925P LED-UV perfecting press fits perfectly into Woolverton CEO John Lynch’s plan to continue the momentum of his company’s phenomenal growth pattern by leveraging the RYOBI MHI 925P’s new found capacity to profitably keep pace with customer demand. Graphco Midwest Regional Manager Derek Gordon and John worked closely to bring the deal to fruition following Graph Expo.  With the use of LED-UV technology to produce 16-page signatures that are instantly cured on all substrates, Woolverton’s already impressive speed-to-market strategy will be tremendously enhanced. The Woolverton corporate motto “Discover | Printing | Innovation” also defines the soon to be installed RYOBI MHI press.

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J & J Printing a TANGENT Corporation

In Lenexa, Kansas, J & J Printing’s 22 member customer-centric staff will soon offer targeted packaging jobs with their 6-up, RYOBI 754 XLG Packaging Edition press featuring LED-UV Instant Curing.  Jane and Jim Ferguson, along with co-owner Wayne Welkner of J & J Printing, are proud to offer their clients access to the first Ryobi Packaging Edition press in the Kansas City area.  While walking the show hall at Graph Expo 2014, Wayne heard the distinctive sound of an offset press running at full speed, and came to the RYOBI MHI Commit to Print booth.  “The build quality and precision of the RYOBI MHI product impressed me right away and we quickly planned a visit to Graphic Edge in Wisconsin to see their Packaging Edition press.”  Following that visit Jim, Wayne and Derek quickly finalized the investment in the RYOBI MHI 754 XLG.  Since 1985, J & J Printing has taken pride in staying ahead of the technology curve saving their customers’ precious time and money and as the first LED-UV printer in K.C., they will continue that tradition in 2015.

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The Messenger Press

Strong, lasting relationships are a major consideration at The Messenger Press where trust and respect between principals, Allan and Mitch Kremer, and Graphco area sales manager Diana Griffith and Chris Manley held true with the penning of a sales agreement for the RYOBI MHI 755XLGP perfecting press with aqueous coater in the final days of 2014.  The new RYOBI MHI press will provide Messenger significant increases in productivity and enhanced print quality as they grow their presence throughout Ohio and the Midwest. The Messenger Press and Graphco have a decade long partnership that includes Messenger’s investment in two MGI Meteor Digital Presses, a Petratto Mini Bat 2, a Horizon AFC-566AKT paper folder and Horizon StitchLiner 5500 saddle-binder.  This long-term relationship has been solidified by the Graphco Technical Service Team’s deep commitment to supporting these investments.  The Messenger Press is a consistent provider of high-quality offset & digital print to both Fortune 500 and local customers.

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RYOBI MHI Graphic Technology is among the world’s largest manufacturers of sheet-fed offset printing presses. RYOBI MHI high-speed, fully automated offset presses are respected worldwide for unsurpassed print quality, low total cost of ownership, extreme ease of operation and unmatched reliability. Headquartered outside of Hiroshima, Japan, RYOBI MHI Graphic Technology is a joint venture company bringing together the best technology and manufacturing expertise of Ryobi Limited and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.  The enhanced product lineup and strengthened manufacturing prowess makes RYOBI MHI an indispensable brand for the U.S. and worldwide printing industry.

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Graphco is an industry leading provider of offset, digital and print finishing solutions. Along with other GSNA companies, Graphco proudly imports the RYOBI MHI line of offset printing presses featuring numerous proven advantages including LED-UV curing technology, SMART Insta.Color automated make-ready and best in class reliability.  In addition, Graphco distributes other premium equipment lines such as Horizon Finishing Solutions and MGI Digital Printing Technology. These brands are only as good as the technical support team that stands behind them and Graphco’s reputation for top-notch service is second to none. Since 1976, Graphco has thrived in an ever-changing market place by loyally adhering to the firm’s original model for success by providing best in class print production equipment along with reliable and assured technical service.  Since our foundation, Graphco’s corporate motto has been “Helping People Communicate.”

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