It was great to see you at the RMGT booth at PRINTING UNITED 2023!

We Hope You Enjoyed the Show, Let's Talk More!

The PRINTING United Expo was a fantastic time and it was great to bring the printing industry together to experience over a million square feet of the latest equipment, solutions, and trends on the market!

I hope you enjoyed our Commit To Print booth and learned about the emerging trends in the printing industry going forward into 2024. As the exclusive distributor in your area for RMGT’s New Flagship Press, the new 8-UP+ 970PF-8+LED Long Perfector you saw running live, we are proud to offer customers like yourself the most productive and profitable investment in the printing equipment marketplace.

I’m sure improving your bottom line and streamlining your printing operation is a top priority since like most commercial printers, and all folding carton and packaging operations, the lion’s share of your revenue comes from offset print and RMGT is fully committed to boosting your profitability!  The total Net Operating Profit increase that our 9 Series customers enjoy is truly remarkable, and in just the past 8 years nearly 120 printers of all kinds have added an RMGT 9 Series to their pressroom floor.

If you would like to learn more about how Graphco can supply your business, fill out the form and we'll get in touch with you!

Elite Users

Commit to Print with RMGT Technology!

Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 4.55.03 PM

Commit to Print with RMGT Technology


LED-UV Curing

Improving productivity with
high environmental performance


The ASAP System

Assisting your potential,
​maximizing your throughput


One Pressman Operation

Using technology to
​streamline workflows

The 8-UP+ RMGT 970 offers a variety of enhancements. There is a higher cost efficiency per job from the reduced make-ready time via plate changing automation and easier ink controlling.

​Operators can keep productivity up with maintaining a cleaner workspace with built-in cleaning devices. Monitors for displaying press information allows for better management of multiple jobs and overall digital workflow.

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