Graphco Launches SD-Italy Hybrid CNC Routing & Cutting Technology at PRINTING United

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SOLON, OH – September 28, 2022 – Graphco’s Unfair Advantage booth at the PRINTING United Expo in Atlanta will be the North American launching point for the fastest, most versatile, most automated and the most productive line of hybrid CNC Routing & Cutting equipment available in the world. As the exclusive distributor for SD-Italy’s complete Augusta line of hybrid CNC Routing & Cutting solutions, Graphco will showcase this unique and game-changing technology to the North American market. In addition, Graphco will also run live demonstrations of three different models of Foliant laminating/foiling machines producing a variety of commercial print applications.

“Graphco is proud to bring a strong new competitor from Europe to the CNC Routing & Cutting market here in North America. As with all our products, the SD-Italy Augusta line gives our customers The Unfair Advantage in every market segment, and we come prepared to demonstrate these advantages on our 2,500 square foot stand located right across from RMGT.” states Chris Manley from Graphco. “SD-Italy provides the fastest, most precise, and most efficient CNC Routing & Cutting technology on the market, and every Print Provider from wide-format sign and graphics, display manufacturing, and short-run packaging providers will benefit greatly from this new technology.”

“With operating speeds of over 6.5 feet-per-second, ElectroSpindle drives sized up to 13 kW, 25 fully automated tools on board, lights out material processing, 2G acceleration, and hybrid operation from kiss-cut vinyl to 6” thick wood and dense foam, the SD Augusta line will completely alter the landscape of CNC Routing & Cutting in this segment,” continues Manley. “We’ve been offered distribution of numerous digital cutter/creasers that offer a light-duty routing component in the past, but with SD-Italy we now enter this market at the top of the food chain in both the “cut & crease” arena and the heavy-duty routing segment.  With both capabilities on the same hybrid platform, the Augusta line speaks directly to the convergence our industry is seeing grow every day.”


Augusta F150R Pro


The Augusta F150R Pro will put the spotlight on SD-Italy’s technological advantage by producing 11 different substrates during a roughly 12-minute live demonstration.  These products include multiple versions of Forex, Alucobond, aluminum, plexiglass, plywood, high and medium density foam, and corrugated board produced consecutively without any operator intervention.  “Every half hour our guests will see how Cut Just Changed in the Graphco Unfair Advantage booth,” states Gustavo Teixo, Wide Format Product Manager for Graphco. “We conceived our demonstration to open customer’s eyes to all the possibilities the Augusta line can offer.  We realize that bringing completely new capabilities to market requires a visionary approach, and customers will be able to walk away with new ideas and a sample kit that will give them plenty to think about after the show.”


Augusta F1R-2 Pro


An exciting new product that digital, commercial, and packaging printers won’t want to miss is the Augusta F1R-2 Pro, which will be running multiple “Cut & Crease” applications highlighted by producing pocket folders at up to 480 folders per hour.  “In comparisons that one of our customers helped us with, the F1R-2 Pro is up to 465% faster than other “Cut & Crease” machines, so we aren’t overstating the tremendous total throughput advantages this technology offers,” Teixo continues.  “Having the Augusta F1R-2 Pro in our portfolio will be the perfect digital finishing companion for the new 4-UP, 6-UP and 8-UP inkjet presses that our customers are investing in these days. Let’s face it, no one invests in those machines to print rectangles, so helping them create high value add products that their customers want will open lots of doors for this new offering.”

Occupying 2,500 square feet in the Commercial Print Pavilion, Graphco will also demonstrate the embellishments that laminating and foiling can provide Print Providers. Foliant is the leading brand in both single and dual-side laminators and offers the most complete range of laminating machines on the market.  Whether a packaging printer needs a high-quality and fast solution for high-end folding cartons in a 41” format, or if a book printer is looking for an extremely high-speed book cover solution, Graphco and Foliant offers the right machine for every application.


Foliant Vega 400A


The Foliant Vega 400A 2-Up Format Compact solution is designed for heavy-duty lamination of digitally printed materials using an easy to run feeder. At 2,100 digital size sheets per hour, this workhorse keeps up with 2 digital presses and offers foiling as an option.


Foliant Mercury 530 NG 4×4


The 4-UP Foliant Mercury 530 NG 4×4 is a dual-sided Industrial Laminating Machine constructed for nonstop, heavy-duty digital and offset production at up to 5,300 2-sided digital sheets per hour.  The beauty of the Mercury is non-stop and unmanned operation, so the same operator can easily run a digital press, and their Mercury at the same time.


Foliant Pollux 760SF


In the full-size arena, the Foliant Pollux 760SF is a compact and extremely fast 8-UP format Industrial Laminating Machine with heavy-duty construction, robust heating units, smooth sheet feeding and consistently high quality. The Pollux features skid loading and unloading for high production applications, and with the new Thermo-Cut system even 10 mil. laminates run at high speeds.

“We are thrilled to share this exciting new technology with our customers at the PRINTING United Expo,” concludes Manley. “These machines will help our customers grow and succeed, and that has always been our only reason to be in business in the first place.  Launching a revolutionary new product like the SD-Italy hybrid CNC Routing & Cutting equipment will be a lot of fun, and a fitting follow-up to last year’s PRINTING United debut of the Foliant line.”

Graphco will be exhibiting in the Commercial Print Pavilion of the Atlanta Convention Center Booth in #B1633. For free registration to PRINTING United visit:


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