drupa 2016 Introducing RMGT's Message and New Technologies to the World

Under the theme “IRODORI — Coloring the World Together,” RMGT’s exhibit at Booth D24 in Building 16 introduced our new symbol mark and corporate message as well as presses featuring our new uniform design.

The RMGT booth demonstrated the three models exhibited: the RMGT 10 1,050 mm format offset press and RMGT 9 A1-size offset press, both with LED-UV curing units, and the RMGT DP7 B2-size liquid toner type digital offset press.

Based on the key concepts “heavy stock package printing capability,” “easier operation,” “consistent high printing quality” and “eco-friendly,” demonstrations highlighted RMGT’s new technologies for meeting today’s market needs for everything from commercial printing to heavy stock package printing, generating considerable interest from the many visitors.

A display corner introduced RMGT’s corporate profile using video and presentation panels, and displayed samples of high-value-added work printed by actual customers using RMGT presses. Another corner presented RMGT’s lineup of LED-UV presses, the LED-UV development history, case studies of customers who purchased RMGT LED-UV presses, samples of LED-UV printing, and some of the inks, varnishes and other materials used for LED-UV printing, emphasizing RMGT’s role as a pioneer in LED-UV printing technology.

drupa2016_RMGT Booth
drupa2016_RMGT Booth

Demonstration of the RMGT 10 (1050LX-6 + LED-UV + CC)

Demonstration of the RMGT 10
Demonstration of the RMGT 10
Demonstrations highlighted the non-stop feeder and delivery shutter that enhance production efficiency for long-run package printing on heavy stock. 
The exhibited model was equipped with two inline printing quality control systems: the PQS-Eye color management system
and the PQS-D quality inspection system, both reference exhibits.
Press Information Display, a large-screen display for the operation stand (Mounted for both the RMGT 10 and RMGT 9)

Demonstrations of the RMGT 9 (920PF-8 + LED-UV)

Demonstrations featured one-pass instant-curing perfecting employing the press’s two LED-UV curing systems.
The exhibited model was equipped with a PQS-D inline printing quality control system (reference exhibit) with three functions:
quality inspection, color management, and automatic registration adjustment.

Demonstrations of the RMGT DP7 (DP790)

Demonstrations highlighted the advantages of a digital offset press for printing ultra-short-run jobs and for variable data printing.

Display Corner

An LED-UV display corner featured RMGT’s lineup of LED-UV presses, the LED-UV development history, case studies of customers who purchased RMGT LED-UV presses, and samples of LED-UV printing.

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