Advertisers Printing Company Prepares for a Strong Rebound with an RMGT 10-Color Press from Graphco – Part 1

With the purchase of a new RMGT 9 Series 10-Color Long Perfector, Advertisers Printing Company is investing in themselves to be Ready to Rebound now and in the future .

During a time when many companies are pulling in the reins, Advertisers Printing, based in St. Louis, will install their new fully automated RMGT 10-Color Long Perfector equipped with LED-UV curing in August. 

This three part video series takes us from the RMGT Factory to Advertisers’ pressroom floor. We will share the speed and efficiency of our installation process and then you will learn directly from our friends at Advertisers Printing why they invested in a fully automated 9 Series press from RMGT and Graphco. 

Part 1 shows the beginning of the journey from the manufacturing plant in Fukuyama, Japan all the way to St. Louis.

Watch the video and see how Advertisers Printing prepares for a strong rebound with an RMGT 10-Color Press from Graphco. ​

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