Triumph Trimmers are built to the same exacting tolerances as Triumph Cutters. All trimmers feature sturdy, all-metal construction and the finest Solingen steel blades. Every Triumph Trimmer features stationary or movable transparent Lexan safety guards. Triumph Trimmers are available in tabletop with automatic clamp models, tabletop with adjustable clamp models, large format floor models, manual rotary trimmer models and large format rotary trimmer models. Contact us to find out which Triumph Trimmer model is right for you.


Advantages at a glance

  • Protractor – Models 1030 and 1031 are equipped with a protractor for angle cuts.
  • Measurement Bracket – The measurement scale bracket can be used as either a front or backgauge (models 1030, 1031).
  • Hardened Steel Blade – All rotary trimmers are equipped with self-sharpening, hardened steel blades.
  • Safety Cutting Head – The comfortable, ergonomically designed cutting head ensures safe and precise cuts.
  • Measurement Scale – The cutting table measurement scale allows perfect alignment of paper (models 0055 and above).
  • Easy-lift Lever – The patented paper release lever raises the automatic clamp for convenient paper paper removal (models 1135, 1046).
  • Solingen Steel Blades – High-quality, Solingen steel blade sets can be resharpened.
  • Adjustable Backgauge – Slide the backgauge to the desired position as indicated on the scale, then tighten the knob to set.
  • Ergonomic Handle – The specially designed blade handle was developed to provide both comfort and safety (models 1134 – 1046).


Product Information