Horizon RD-4055 – Die-cutter

The Standard Horizon RD-4055 Rotary Die-cutter is designed to meet the growing demand for short-run die-cut products, with the ability to die-cut, crease, perforate, slit, hole punch, and round corner in one process for digital and offset printed sheets. This system features easy changeover and simple operation. Both set-up and control can be done through an intuitive touchscreen that displays easy to understand graphic illustrations. Vacuum belt feeding enables superior feeding and an ultrasonic sensor is used for double-feed detection on a wide range of substrates. Die-cutting and kiss-cutting can also be performed at the same time, which makes the RD-4055 ideal for producing stickers and labels. Creasing can be achieved to avoid image cracking, making it suitable for boxes, pocket folders, and greeting cards which require an additional folding process after die-cutting. A “Repeat Register”function allows multiple-up applications from a single-up die to minimize costs. Even run up to five repeats in a single pass!


Advantages At a Glance

  • Rotary Die-cut System – Rotary die-cutter designed to meet the growing demand for short-run products. The rotary die-cutters are light and compact compared to normal die-cutters.
  • Flexible Substrate – Die-cut and kiss-cut in various substrates for digital and offset printed sheets.
  • One Pass Processing – Feeding, die-cutting and separating are achieved in one pass.
  • Save the Cost of Making Die – Uniquely designed servo motor controlled “repeat register” feature allows multiple-up applications from single-up die to minimize die cost.
  • Simple and Easy Operation – Reduces costly labor steps and increases productivity with easy set-up and operation versus steel rule or mechanical dies.


Product Information

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Sheet Feeding System: Vacuum Belt-feed
Sheet Size:
(before processing)
Max: 15.74” W x 21.65” L
Min: 7.88” W x 10.83” L
Finished Sheet Size:
(with separator)
Max: 14.8” W x 20.8” L
Min: 1.97” W x 3.15” L
Finished Sheet Size:
(without separator, with nicks)
Max: 15.1” W x 20.8” L
Min: Depending on die shape
Processes Material: Normal paper, coated paper, cardboard
Material Thickness: 127.9 to 400 gsm
Feeder Pile Height: 19.68”
Production Speed: Up to 6,000 cycles per hour