Petratto PDF74 – Fully-automatic Platen Die-cutter

The Petratto PDF74 Fully-automatic Platen Die-cutter is ideal for small and middle runs and allows for fast changeovers. It was designed for digital and offset printing and short-runs with superb quality creating high value products: embossing, hot foiling, Braille and holograms.


Advantages at a Glance:

  • Cutting applications and flatbed creasing with traditional and cost effective wooden-framed dies
  • Press surface with 4 lifting points
  • Transportation grippers and sheet positions through a front intake ensure grip edge accuracy
  • Lateral removing of die-cutting and hot foil plates and back plates
  • Automatically changes size from the feeder to the delivery
  • Auto register detects print marks (or sheet edges), adjusts the sheet, diagonally or crosswise on the grippers, and allows the set-up of gripper margins (in mm).
  • The grippers holding bar (with adjustable positioning) allows a single form or die to program several print or die-cut positions on the same sheet, reducing material costs, patching times and positioning operations.
  • Pressing cycle repetition reduces patching operations and increases pressure characteristics.
  • Sheet pressing time is adjustable, optimizing hot foiling operations and minimizing the adjustment of other parameters
  • Gripper speed can be set-up independently of registration and die-cutting speeds, minimizing the number of patches and reducing stripping operations


Product Information

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Maximum Sheet Size: 29.13” x 20.86” (740 mm x 530 mm) (B2)
Minimum Sheet Size:
16.53” x 11.69” (420 mm x 297 mm) (A3)
Paper/carton Board Thickness: 80 – 500 gsm
Corrugated Board Thickness:
80 pts (1.8 mm)
Grippers Margin: 0.25” – 0.8” (6 mm – 20 mm)
Maximum Pressure: 100 t (x5)
Maximum Speed: 1,500 sheets/hour
Automatic Size Adjustment: Yes
Registration Through Print Marks Reading: Yes
Multiposition System: Maximum: 10
Pressing Time Adjustment: Yes
Pressing Cycle Repetition: Yes