Horizon Block-to-Perfect Bind

Hunkeler POPP7 book block production modules and Horizon perfect binding technology are united in one complete production system. The Hunkeler UW7 unwind module feeds a web up to 30 inches wide into the PF7 Plow Folder, where two longitudinal folding stations create either 4-, 6- or 8-page signatures. The web is then cross-cut in the high performance CS6-HS cutting module. Dynacut capability allows production of variable spine-length book blocks. The signatures are gathered and glued into variable sheet-count book blocks, then exit via the SD7-I Star Wheel Delivery. The book block stacks are then transported to the newly developed BD7 Book Destacker which intelligently separates variable-format and variable thickness book blocks from the stack. The book blocks are transferred to the Binder for spine preparation, gluing, and cover application before being three-knife trimmed in the zero-make-ready, fully-variable Horizon HT-1000V.


Product Information

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Maximum Roll Diameter: 54″ (1,370 mm)
Web Width: Up to 30″ (up to 762 mm)
Operation Speed: Up to 492 fpm (up to 150 mpm)
Paper Weights: 60 to 150 gsm
Book Block Thickness: Up to 2″ (up to 50.8 mm)