Horizon RD-4055DMC – Die-cutter

The Horizon RD-4055DMC Rotary Die Cutter with dual magnetic cylinders is designed to simultaneously die-cut and crease/score short-run product from both sides of the sheet. In addition to die cutting and creasing/ scoring, it can also perforate, slit, hole punch and round corner in one process for digital and offset printed sheets. The RD-4055DMC enables the operator to run male and female dies simultaneously for clean, sharp creases without cracking or slitting. This system features easy change-over and simple operation. A “Repeat Register” function allows multiple-up applications from a single-up die to minimize costs. The RD-4055DMC is ideal for greeting/note cards, playing cards, coasters, door hangers, coupons and tickets, boxes and packaging, stickers (pressure sensitive, gum back, static), bottle and merchandise labels, pocket folders, and unique mailers. The RD-4055DMC handles complex creasing patterns and light packaging applications with ease.


Advantages At a Glance

  • Rotary Die-cut System – Rotary die-cutter designed to meet the growing demand for short-run products. The rotary die-cutters are light and compact compared to normal die-cutters.
  • Flexible Substrate – Die-cut and kiss-cut in various substrates for digital and offset printed sheets.
  • One Pass Processing – Feeding, die-cutting and separating are achieved in one pass.
  • Save the Cost of Making Die – Uniquely designed servo motor controlled “repeat register” feature allows multiple-up applications from single-up die to minimize die cost.
  • Simple and Easy Operation – Reduces costly labor steps and increases productivity with easy set-up and operation versus steel rule or mechanical dies.


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Sheet Feeding System: Vacuum Belt-Feed
Sheet Size:
(before processing)
Max: 15.74” W x 21.65” L
Min: 7.88” W x 10.83” L
Finished Sheet Size:
(with Separator)
Max: 14.8” W x 20.8” L
Min: 1.97” W x 3.15” L
Finished Sheet Size:
(without separator, with nicks)
Max: 15.1” W x 20.8” L
Min: Depending on die shape
Processes Material: Normal paper, coated paper, cardboard
Material Thickness: 127.9 to 400 gsm
Feeder Pile Height: 19.68”
Production Speed: Up to 6,000 cycles per hour