Horizon RD-N4055

The Standard Horizon RD-N4055 Die Cutting system combines a high-capacity feeder, a single- or dual-magnetic cylinder die cutter, a specially designed separator, and an optional card stacker into a highly efficient, versatile system for operator-friendly production.

RD4055DieCutter 1089x543 copy 300x180

Horizon RD-4055DMC

The Standard Horizon RD-4055DMC Rotary Die-cutter with dual magnetic cylinders is designed to simultaneously die-cut and crease/score short-run products from both sides of the sheet.

RD4055DieCutter 1089x543 copy 300x180

Horizon RD-4055

The Standard Horizon RD-4055 Rotary Die-cutter is designed to meet the growing demand for short-run die-cut products, with the ability to die-cut, crease, perforate, slit, hole punch, and round corner in one process for digital and offset printed sheets.

RD3346DieCutter 1089x543 copy 300x180

Horizon RD-3346

The Standard Horizon RD-3346 Rotary Die-cut System meets the growing demand for short-run applications. It’s well-suited for small applications such as tags and business cards.