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PT 330 Mini

The Graphic Whizard PT 330 Mini Entry-level Creaser is an economic solution for printers facing the issue of digital toner cracking.

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PT 330S

The Graphic Whizard PT 330S Entry-level Creaser gives the same professional results of more expensive creasers at a fraction of the cost.

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PT335B Multi

The Graphic Whizard PT 335B Multi is a versatile Automatic Creaser with multiple finishing options.

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PT335A Plus

The Graphic Whizard PT 335A Plus Multi Creaser combines all the same features and versatility as the Graphic Whizard PT 335B Multi and more.

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The Graphic Whizard PT 335CKF Creaser/Knife Folder is a complete Crease/Perf/Fold finishing system designed to give users professional quality finished pieces while eliminating inefficient set-up time.

Model PT AKF 1024x683 copy 300x180


The Graphic Whizard PT 335AKF Automatic Creaser/Knife Folder combines the Graphic Whizard PT 335A Plus Multi Creaser with the Graphic Whizard PT 33IKF Independent Knife Folder into one unit.