The One Press You Need on Your Production Floor

The RMGT 10-Series wide stock range press is an excellent choice for high-end multicolor projects requiring special colors, coatings, or spot varnishes.

Print paper, plastic, and board up to 0.039 inches thick with quality so high that it leaves customers coming back for more. Delivery skeleton cylinders and a host of features equip you for virtually any commercial or packaging challenge.

High-quality reproduction on plastics and synthetic paper open the door to higher-profit niches, such as restaurant menus, recipe books, maps, and credit/gift cards.

The highly automated makeready process, including automated plate changing, various preset systems, and automatic cleaning, greatly shortens makereadies. The innovative air management system floats sheets through the press without marking. Skeleton cylinders also prevent marking, warping, and static problems when printing on plastics. The feeder section uses no brushes or rubber rollers, reducing labor and enhancing register accuracy.

  • Available in 28″ x 40″, 29″ x 41″ and 32″ x 44″ models
  • Stock thickness range of 0.002″ to 0.039″
  • Speed up to 17,000 sheets per hour
  • Multimode dampening system
  • Double-diameter impression and transfer cylinders
  • Single belt-type brushless feeder
  • The optional LED-UV curing unit



Maximum Printing Speed 17,000 sheets per hour
Maximum Sheet Size 29.53″ x 41.34″ (750 mm x 1,050 mm)
Minimum Sheet Size 14.17″ x 21.26″ (360 mm x 540 mm)
Maximum Image Area 29.13″ x 41.34″ (740 mm x 1,050 mm)
Sheet Thickness Range 0.002″ – 0.039″ (0.04 mm – 1 mm)
Feeder Stacking Capacity 43.7″ (1,110 mm)
Delivery Stacking Capacity 43.31″ (1,100 mm)
Printing Unit Configurations Up to 8 units


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