Graphic Whizard PT 331SCC Air – Slit/Cut/Crease/Perf

The Graphic Whizard PT 331SCC Air has all of the same great features found on the Graphic Whizard PT 331SCC, with the added benefit of a 2” air pile feeder for automated feeding. Other benefits include a 9” color touchscreen with the same built-in job creator software as the popular Graphic Whizard PT 335SCC Multi model. The center registration and automatic feed makes the PT 331SCC Air a great stand-alone creaser as well.


Advantages at a glance

  • Slit, cut, crease or perf in a single pass
  • Interchangeable crease/perf dies
  • Full or partial cross perf
  • Up to 32 creases/perfs in one pass
  • Registration mark cut compensation
  • Pre-set programs and job memory for quick job changeover
  • Manual cut/crease input for customized jobs
  • Easily change slitting formats without removing tools


Product Information



Product Video


Sock Weight: 150 – 320 gsm
Stock Input Size: Minimum: 8.2” x 8.2”Maximum: 13” x 26”
Finished Output Size: Minimum: Minimum: 2” x 1.8”Maximum: 13” x 26”
Crease/Perforate: 0 – 32 per pass
Minimum Gap Between Crease: 10.1 mm
Display and Operation: 9” color touchscreen
Feed: 2” vacuum pile feeder
Image Shift Compensation: Cut compensation (Y axis)
Gutter Slit: 9.5 mm
Gutter Cut: 0 mm or 3 mm –15mm