Graphic Whizard 3000

The Graphic Whizard 3000 is designed as a mid-volume, Automatic Number/Perf/Score/Slit Machine, ideal for the printer who does more numbering than can be efficiently accomplished on a hand-fed machine.


Graphic Whizard 6000

The Graphic Whizard 6000 is the most popular Automatic Number/Perf/Score/Slit Machine in the industry.


Graphic Whizard 8000E

Heavy duty construction makes the Graphic Whizard 8000E Automatic Number/Perf/Score/Slit Machine ready to run all day, every day.


Graphic Whizard 8000P

Identical to the Graphic Whizard 8000E, the Graphic Whizard 8000P Automatic Number/Perf/Score/Slit Machine adds pneumatics to the mix.


Graphic Whizard 8000P-DS

The Graphic Whizard 8000P-DS Automatic Pneumatic Numbering System with double shafts (DS) gives its users greater productivity and versatility.


Graphic Whizard 12000

With all of the same benefits of the Graphic Whizard 8000P, the Graphic Whizard 12000 Automatic Pneumatic Numbering System adds higher production speeds of 12,000 SPH while maintaining registration and accuracy.