Automatic Bridge Unloader

SD responds to market demands by designing a completely automatic system in the unloading phase of the processed sheets which are deposited in a first conveyor bench station and subsequently picked up by a bridge unloader equipped with a suction table and then automatically stacked on a pallet. (maximum stack height 700 mm).

The sheet is unloaded in total safety and ensuring complete long autonomy to the cutting machine, without being manned, thus reducing the burden of operator costs and ensuring a high production capacity with a completely flexible and integrated system.

Technical Specifications

  • 80 Meters/Minute
  • 3,150”/Minute
  • 263’/Minute
  • 4.38’/Second
High view closed landscape magazine brochure mock-up

Download the New F1R2 Pro Catalog

A new updated catalog at your disposal to learn more about the new F1R2 PRO automatic cutting plotter by SD Italy. Inside the catalog you will find all the information and innovations introduced by our R&D team. Discover the new automatic bridge unloader developed by our technicians.

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