Sterling Digibinder Super-C Perfect Binder

The Sterling® Digibinder Super-C has the same features as the Digibinder and the Digibinder Plus, with added automation. The machine includes an automatic cover feeder and vertical stacker. There are two glue pots, one for side gluing and one with twin glue rollers which allow for an even glue application as does a third metering roller to smooth out the glue. The extra heavy duty roughing blade ensures the binding of coated, oil infused, and UV coated stock. No touch perfect binding is here with the Sterling® Digibinder Super-C!


Advantages at a glance

  • Completely self-adjusting pneumatic clamp and nipper
  • Binds thick books (up to 2.25”) to thin books (min. 2 sheets) with no adjustments
  • Extra heavy duty roughing blade
  • Binds coated, oil infused and UV coated stock
  • Two glue pots – one for side gluing / one with twin glue rollers for even glue application
  • Run in manual mode, semi-automatic mode, or automatic mode
  • Stand, safety cover and vacuum waste removal system included


Product Information

Product Video


Maximum Length: 12”
Maximum Cover Size: 12.5” x 27”
Minimum Thickness: 2”
Speed: Up to 300 BPH
Warm Up Time: 30 Minutes