Technology You Want @ Prices You Can Afford, Only 19 Million Impressions!


Includes the following features

  • RMGT Insta.Color Make-ready Automation System
  • GEW LEO LED-UV Curing Module Located After Unit 4 & End of Press
  • MGT SMART Fully Automatic Plate Changing System
  • RMGT Perfector LithoFlash® Inline RMGT 920 Series 9 – Including: Automatic Inline measurement recto verso; 2 sensor units; control PC with touchscreen monitor; control unit; incremental encoder, ADP (Advanced Dust Protection) and mounting parts – incl LithoFlash® software package: LithoDyn ADR – dynamic control & LithoDyn JobChange – dynamic jobchange
  • Technotrans Ink.Line Ink Agitator System with Eight (8) Units
  • 55 Inch Monitor with On Board Video Monitoring
  • Remote-Control Tablet (Includes 3 Camera Positions)
  • Automatic Feeder Pile Lateral Alignment Function
  • Film Feeding Kit
  • Pneumatic Pull Side Guide
  • Impression Pressure Preset System
  • Blanket with Aluminum Bar (UV)
  • Automatic Blanket Cleaning Device (UV)
  • Ink Form Roller: 1st-3rd Oscillating (UV)
  • UV Roller
  • Technotrans Ink Roller/Fountain Solution Temperature Control System
  • Automatic Ink Roller Cleaning Device (UV)
  • Hickey Picker
  • R-Matic-D Delta Dampening System
  • Photo Type Delivery Pile Lowering Sensor
  • PDS-E SpectroDrive Density Control System
  • PPC Server III (CIP3 Interface with Prepress)
  • Approximately 19 Million Impressions Circa 2017

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