Horizon CABS 6000 – Perfect Binding System

The innovative Standard Horizon CABS 6000 Perfect Binding System is bringing new levels of automation to production bookbinding. The system includes the MG-600 Gatherer, SB-17 Seventeen-clamp Perfect Binder, and HT-110 Three-knife Trimmer. This in-line system can produce up to 6,000 books/hour. Other features include an in-line stacker for stand-alone gathering, and advanced quality control features such as CCD cameras, thickness detection, and weight checking. The SB-17 Perfect Binder allows for quick changeover from EVA to PUR adhesive with interchangeable tanks and book thicknesses from .08” to 2”. Other features include CCD cameras on the cover feeder, ability to load covers on-the-fly, twin milling stations, automated in-line cover scoring, gauze feeding for hard cover book blocks, weight checking system and a digital caliper that measures book size and thickness and transfers settings to the binder for automated set-up. The HT-110 Three-knife Trimmer produces trimmed books from 5.71” x 4.05” to 14.4” x 11.81”. The CABS6000 is equipped with quick-change EVA and PUR glue tanks that slide out on rails to a wheeled trolley. Operators can easily changeover from one binding style to another in about 5 minutes.


Advantages at a glance

  • High productivity at 6,000 books/hour with in-line system from gathering to trimming
  • Covers from short-run to long-run production challenges thanks to intuitive easy operation through the touch panel and fast, highly accurate changeovers
  • Equipped with an interchangeable tank unit that allows both EVA and PUR hot melt to be used
  • Various book sizes can be bound in-line, from minimum size of A6 to maximum size of B4
  • Off-line signature gathering is possible using the ST-600 stacker. Also, by installing the RU-600 mis-feed unit, the gatherer can operate nonstop.
  • Quality control image checking cameras, thickness detector, weight checker, book block length detector and other optional quality control features available
  • The Horizon JDF network system (pXnet) can also be added to further increase efficiency and effectiveness of the binding process


Product Information

Product Video


Book Size Maximum (landscape): Off-line: 15.74″ x 11.02″ / In-line: 15.15″ x 10.82″
Book Size Minimum (landscape): Off-line: 5.83″ x 4.14″ / In-line: 5.83″ x 4.14″
Book Size Maximum (portrait): Off-line: 12.99″ x 12.59″ / In-line: 9.84″ x 12.59″
Book Size Minimum (portrait): Off-line: 5.32″ x 7.29″ / In-line: 5.32″ x 7.29″
Book Thickness: 0.08″ to 2″
Cover Size Maximum: 15.74″ x 25.98″
Cover Size Minimum: 5.32″ x 8.67″
Cover Weight Range: Normal: 81.2 to 303 gsm
Coated: 104.4 to 348 gsm
Production Speed: Max 6,000 books/hr