Graphic Whizard 320B – Entry-level Perfect Binder

The Graphic Whizard 320B entry-level Perfect Binding System is easy-to-use and provides consistent professional quality products for short- to medium-run solutions. With a durable build and standard features that are normally found on more expensive units, the 320B is an affordable and efficient solution for your perfect binding needs.


Advantages at a glance

  • Clamp opens and closes with a single press of a button
  • Notching blades are housed beneath safety covers so that they are not exposed to the operator
  • Hot melt glue is applied to the spine by a rotating application drum
  • A scraper bar ensures that a smooth and uniform thickness of glue is always applied
  • Nip dwell time can be adjusted to ensure professional looking finished pieces are produced every time
  • Electric / manual push button clamping of sheets
  • Floor model
  • Electric clamping of cover
  • Manual cover insertion
  • LCD display


Product Information



Product Video


Cycle Speed: 320 Books/hour
Maximum Binding Length: 12.6”
Maximum Binding Thickness: 1.75”
Notching: Two Blades
Warm-up Time:  20-30 Minutes