Cron thermal CTPs meet the most stringent demands for print quality and productivity with clean, accurate imaging, precision dot reproduction, a tonal range of 1% – 99% and up to 2,800 dpi resolution. CRON delivers cost effective solutions to satisfy the most challenging prepress workflow requirements with our line-up of versatile devices.


Advantages at a glance

  • Available as Thermal or UV CTP
  • Built-in Autoloader is Standard
  • Highest quality platemaking at rapid imaging speeds
  • Wide choice of laser channels to suit productivity and cost needs: 16 to 96 (TP36 models), 16 to 128 (TP46 models) and 16-to 24 (TP26 models)
  • 2,400, 2,540 and 2,800 dpi imaging resolution (not on TP26 models)
  • Manual or modular add-on 200-plate autoloader with slipsheet removal
  • Supports for FM and hybrid AM/FM screening
  • Images a flexible range of plates including No Process, No Process, Develop on Press and Traditional Wet Process
  • Accommodates plate sizes from 9.4″ x 12.6″  to 36.4″ x 26.5″ (TP36 models), 11″ x 11″ to 45.6″ x 37.8″ (TP46 models) and 9.4″ x 9.4″ to 26.3″ x 22″ (TP26 models)

Additional Characteristics

  • Available as Thermal and UV
  • Latest Generation Laser Head Design: Integrated laser unit with 830nm wavelength diodes delivers higher precision, sharper imaging with highly stable dot output. This technology delivers consistent performance and quality, affording long life, easy maintenance and simple upgrades. The redundant laser design allows plate making even if a diode fails.
  • Automatic 3-Point Registration and Lead Screw Guide Assembly – Side-gauge drive system replaces belt positioning with a lead screw that achieves more accurate and repeatable plate loading and registration – eliminating time-consuming tension adjustments.
  • Patented Imaging Drum Design – High precision u-level light drum features class leading drum surface flatness. The oxidation hardened drum in more durable and longer lasting. A built-in vacuum maintains consistent pressures with large or small plates, and the triple dynamic drum balancing system allows self-reposition with no operator input.
  • Plate-loading System Design – Pinch roller design allows for more reliable plate positioning. The independent pressing wheel assembly adapts to varying plate sizes and thicknesses with no engineering adjustment needed.
  • Dependable and Efficient Operations – The high precision, linear magnetic rail system provides smooth positive travel, resulting in a dependable operation. A quieter, more energy efficient and maintenance-free large flow vacuum pump system can help save energy costs.

Product Information

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CRON H Model CTP Specifications:

Recording System: External Drum (26H, 36H, 46H)
Light Source: Available with UV or Thermal Laser Diodes (26H, 36H, 46H)
Media: Supports Digital UV or Thermal Plates (26H, 36H, 46H)
Max Plate Size: 26.3″ x 22″ (26H), 36.4″ x 26.5″ (36H), 45.6″ x 37.8″ (46H)
Min Plate Size: 9.4″ x 9.4″ (26H), 9.4″ x 12.6″ (36H), 11″ x 11″ (46H)
Laser Channel: 16 or 24 (26H), 16 or 96 (36H), 16 to128 (46H)
Productivity (2400 dpi): 20 or 27 (SM52 size)(26H), 14 to 51 (SM74 size)(36H), 9 to 45 (SM102 size)(46H)
Imaging Resolution: 2,400 and 2,540 dpi (26H), 2,400, 2540, 2,800 dpi (36H), 2,400, 2,540, 2,800 dpi (46H)
Laser Wavelength: 1.6″ (26H, 36H, 46H)
FM Screening and Hybrid AM/FM Screening: Supported (26H, 36H, 46H)
Dot Recovery: 1-99%, Plate Dependent (26H, 36H, 46H)
Registration Accuracy: 0.00039″ (0.01 mm) (26H, 36H, 46H)
Positioning System: Automatic Positioning, High Resolution 3-Point Method (26H, 36H, 46H)
Air-Cooling and Purifying System: Built-In (26H, 36H, 46H)
Vacuum System: Built-In (26GH, 36GH, 46GH)
Automatic Plate-Loading System/Maximum Plate Amount inside Autoloader: Built-in Autoloader, Up to 100 Plates (.0059″) and slipsheets
Machine Dimensions 26H (W x L x H): 55″ x 43.3″ x 41.5″
Machine Dimensions 36H (W x L x H): 64″ x 41.9″ x 42.1″
Machine Dimensions 46H (W x L x H): 74.8″ x 48″ x 43.3″
Machine Net Weight: 2,359 lbs (26H), 2,645 lbs (36H), 2,822 lbs. (46H)
Power: 2-Phase, 225 – 250VAC, 20 amp (26H & 36H), 2-Phase, 225 – 250VAC, 30 amp (46H)