CRON-ECRM 36/46 Thermal CTP

CRON-ECRM Thermal CTP systems range from a 2-up format to VLF format. The amount of diodes you choose will get you the speed you need. CRON-ECRM Thermal CTP systems support all of the popular thermal plates available on the market today. CRON-ECRM Thermal CTP systems support plates from 9.5′′ x 12.6′′ (240 x 320mm) through 50.75′′ x 65.75′′ (1290 x 1670mm) and system configurations from 16 to 96 Diodes. No matter what your level of automation requirements are, CRON-ECRM has the solution. From a manual input with exit bridge configuration to a multi-plate autoloader with exit turntable and punch unit, the CRON-ECRM Thermal CTP systems will produce press-ready plates.


Advantages at a glance

• Max. Plate Size: 45.67” x 37.0”
• Resolution: 2400 / 2540 / 2800 DPI
• Most Compact Footprint on the Market
• Up to 55 PPH (2400 DPI / 29.33” Width)
• Fast, Stable and Easy to Install, Operate and Maintain
• Stand-alone or In-line with Autoloader, Bridge and Processor
• System Includes: Built-in Vacuum System, Dual Dynamic Balance System, Magnetic Leviation, V-shaped High Accuracy Guide Rail, Drum Anti-air-leak Technology
• Unique Switching Between UV and Thermal Mode

Product Information



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