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INSTA.COLOR—which stands for Integrated Smart Technology and Automation for Color Print—represents the latest evolution of more than a decade of RMGT's Smart inking technology, color control and makeready automation.   INSTA.COLOR makes color control highly efficient, intuitive and productive—coming up to sellable color in as few as 25 sheets and driving makereadies to six minutes.

“INSTA.COLOR provides color fidelity well beyond pre-set densities and gives users the control they need to meet their customer’s precise color demands,” explained Chris Manley, president of Graphco, Cleveland, and co-founder of Graphic Systems North America. “The beauty of RMGT’s  INSTA.COLOR is that printers can achieve standard density quickly and then maintain that color through the final sheet, regardless of run length,” Manley said.

RMGT's PDS-E SpectroDrive scanners with closed-loop print density monitoring technology assure precise PMS colors from start to finish.  Production is alcohol-free.
INSTA.COLOR enables on-press color adjustments as needed.  Customer press checks can be nailed down to the exact density that clients expect—without the restrictions other color management technologies put on pressroom control.  Color on gang-run jobs can be adjusted in various zones on the sheet for assured customer OK.

“RMGT INSTA.COLOR is the new quality and efficiency standard in print production today,” Manley said.  “No aftermarket technologies are needed—RYOBI MHI offers it all.”

Combining INSTA.COLOR with LED-UV instant cure technology from Ryobi and Panasonic enables printers to generate unmatched productivity, efficiency and profitability on print jobs. can be switched off