Graphco Certified Pre-Owned Offset Press

RYOBI 755XL-E Wide offset press

Complete Installation & Training by Factory-Trained Technicians

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RYOBI 755XL-E Wide Press with DUO Coating System (UV to AQ) Press Specs

• 23.63" x 31" 5-Color Press
• RYOBI Semi-Automatic Plate Change
• RYOBI Auto Blanket, Ink Roller and Impression Washing System
• RYOBI-matic Delta Dampening System
• RYOBI PDS-E Closed Loop Scanning Densitometer
• RYOBI Paper Size and Impression Pre-Setting System
• Eltosch-Grafix IR/Hot Air Dryer
• Eltosch-Grafix UV Curing Package*
• Doyle Sheet Vacuum
• Absolute Graphic Technology Combi Chiller for Ink Rollers
and Fountain Solution
• Harris and Bruno DUO Coating System with Automatic
Switch-Over from UV to AQ
• Harris and Bruno Heavy-Duty Pumping System for Opaque Whites and
Scratch-Off Coatings
• One Aqueous Coating Unit Chambered Doctor Blade System
With Two IR/Hot Air Dryers (for Soft Touch and Other Aqueous Coatings)
• Pamarco Ink Sentinels
• 112 Million Impressions
• Available for Late Summer/Early Fall 2019 delivery
• Call For Price

*This press was installed with Hybrid UV rollers new in 2008. Configured with two inter-deck units with four docking positions after units 1, 2, 4, & 5. Two curing units in the E-Style delivery. Delivery lamps can be used inter-deck for special applications. Based on some changes in the customer's marketplace, the press converted to conventional oil-based ink and rollers in late 2008, and the UV system and all lamp assemblies are like new and working perfectly.

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