Gemini C 400 300x180

Foliant Gemini C 400

The Foliant Gemini C 400 is a Manual High-pressure Laminating Machine developed for digital output.

F Gemini C 400S Grey 300x180

Foliant Gemini C 400S

The Foliant Gemini C 400S is a Semi-automatic High-pressure Laminating Machine (laminator and separator) developed for digital output.

F V 530S 300x180

Foliant Vega 400A

The Foliant Vega 400A Industrial Laminating Machine is a new generation of very compact industrial laminating machines, designed for heavy-duty in-house lamination of digital and offset printing. It is equipped with an integrated deep pile vacuum feeder, high-speed bump separator, non-sticky pressure roller, in-run adjustable twin de-curl bar and overlap system.

F Mercury 400 NG 300x180

Foliant Mercury 400 NG

The Foliant Mercury 400 NG is a very Compact Industrial Laminating Machine, constructed for a heavy-duty digital and offset output, with a Heidelberg integrated suction feeder and a high-speed bump separator.