metro78 150 large copy 300x180

Petratto METRO

The Petratto METRO is an automated, Adaptable Pocket Folder/Gluer. Beginning with a basic machine, it is possible to customize a machine to suit individual needs and requirements.

Petratto BAT FOLD Large copy 300x180

Petratto Bat Fold

The Petratto Bat Fold is a Creasing Machine plus a Paper and Cardboard Folding Machine in one.

Digi Folder copy 300x180

Petratto Digi Folder

The Petratto Digi Folder is an “entry level” machine, able to process digital printed converting jobs.

Petratto Cordoba Large copy 300x180

Petratto Cordoba

The Petratto Cordoba is a High-speed Creasing, Folding and Gluing Machine.