VAC1000Collator 1089x543 1 copy 300x180

Horizon VAC-1000

The 10-station Standard Horizon VAC-1000 Collator features a patented rotary-pulse vacuum feed system, providing flawless feeding on virtually any stock, at speeds up to 9,900 sets per hour.

VAC600Collator 1089x543 copy 300x180

Horizon VAC-600

The Standard Horizon VAC-600 deep-pile Collator has five inches of bin capacity allowing for less frequent reloading of paper and long-run production efficiency and productivity.

QCS30Collator 1089x543 300x150

Horizon QC-S30

The Standard Horizon QC-S30 Entry-level Collator is one of the worlds fastest tabletop friction feed collators, and can be built into a 3-tower tabletop friction feed collating system.