The Unfair Advantage:
Foliant Industrial Laminators

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Value-Added Lamination

• Soft Covered Book Covers

• Hard Covered Book Covers

• Hard Covered Book Jackets

• High-Value Magazines and Trade Journals

• Image and Product Brochures

• Annual Reports

• Restaurant Menus

• Technical/Operator Instruction Manuals

• High-Strength Advertisement Shopping Paper Bags

• Posters

• Maps

• Direct Mail with a good “Stand-Out” Effect

• Folding Boxes (cardboard, corrugated board), i.e.: Cosmetic, Medical Gift, Fine Spirits & Food Laminated with Glossy and Transparent Films.

• The Same Products Laminated with Printable PET Metalized Films

• Cardboard Boxes with Laminated Windows

• Photobooks Covers and Photobooks Inner Sheets, Improved by “Open Lay Flat

• Greeting Cards, Picture Postcards, Christmas and New Year Cards

• All These Laminated Products Utility Value Can Be Improved and Increased with
Foiling (using the Foiler as the optional device of Foliant laminators) - metalized foils and spot varnishing over digital toners

• Discount Cards for the Chains of Largest Hypermarkets Shelves (double-sided laminated) Typical Large Volume Product Double-Sided Laminated.