Foliant 520HP – Manual Laminating Machine

Foliant 520HP is a simple Manual Laminating Machine, designed with an operating width of 20.4” (520 mm). It represents an ideal choice for a professional in-house single-side lamination in small offset and digitaql print shops printing and processing sheets up to 19.7″ x 28.8″. Maximum speed is up to 36 feet/min.


Advantages at a Glance

  • Easy operation
  • Integrated separator
  • Film is mounted on an easy handle shaft with a film tension control breaker
  • Film holder unit is equipped with a trim slitter and perforation wheel
  • Equipped with an adjustable de-curl bar
  • Synchronized feeding conveyor and adjustable side guide for easy paper loading
  • Optional modular stand and film supply roll shaft available


Product Information

Product Video

More Details


Maximum Speed: 36 feet/minute
Feeding: Manual
Separation: Automatic
Paper Weight: 115 – 350 gsm
Main Rollers Pressure System: Coil springs
Minimum Sheet Size: 11.8” W x 9.8” L (30 cm x 25 cm)
Maximum Sheet Size: 20.4” W x 29.5″ L (52 cm x 75 cm)
Maximum Performance: 950 19.7″ x 27.8″ SPH
Warm Up Time: 5 minutes
Modular Stand: Optional
Supply Roll Shaft: Optional