Standard Horizon


• Single clamp binder • Icon-based Touchscreen for Fingertip Adjustment • Can Produce Perfect Binding, Tape Binding & Pad Binding

BQ-160 PUR

BQ-160 PUR • Single clamp PUR binder • Dynamic Color Touchscreen allows for Easy adjustments to a range of settings • Up to 180 books per hour


• Single clamp binder
• Up to 500 books per hour
•Bind books up to 2" thick


• Compact • Perfect binding, spine taping, padding • Up to 180 Books per hour


• Four-clamp semi-automatuc perfect binder • Touch screen controls • Up to 1,350 books per hour


• Four-clamp fully-automated perfect binder • Up to 1,350 books per hour • Bind books up to 2.5" thick • Runs both EVA and PUR adhesives • Perfect for short-run professional-quality book production with full automation and touch screen control


• Four-clamp perfet binder • Up to 1,350 books per hour • Bind books up to 2.55" thick


• Seven-clamp perfect binder • Up to 3,200 books per hour • Bind books up to 1.77" thick


• Nine-clamp perfect binder • Designed for short-to-medium run-length POD and commercial print markets • Up to 4,000 books per hour


• Fifteen-clamp perfect binder • Can run stand-alone or complete with in-line gathering and three-knife trimming • Up to 5,200 books per hour