Offset Presses

RMGT 9 Series

The RMGT 9 Series A1-size offset press easily handles 8-up A4-size printing at a six-up price. The 9 Series features a maximum printing speed of 16,200 SPH, varnish coated capability for added value and offset quality with short run quantities.

RMGT 7 Series

The RMGT 7 Series offers a wide range of unit configurations to meet specific customer needs for a high-productivity, high-profitability printing and packaging environment.

RMGT 5 Series

The RMGT 5 Series is generously equipped with high-end technologies in order to flexibly meed the demand for a wide range of printing jobs. This offset press represents more than 10,000 units sold worldwide.


Available for the 2-up RMGT 5 Series press, the B2+ format 7 Series 8-up RMGT 9 Series Press and RMGT 10/11 Series Press

RMGT 3 Series

The RMGT 3 Series is an A3-size portrait format offset press designed to meet market needs for multiple colors and digitalization. The offset press can easily handle diverse plate materials for economic four-color printing.


Introducing the new fully automatic simultaneous plate changer “Smart-RPC” for the RMGT 9 Series, 7 Series, and 6 Series as an option.

RMGT 10/11 Series

The RMGT 10 and RMGT 11 press models not only meet the needs for small lot, diversified production, but also deliver a higher level of overall performance in line with today's demands.