Introducing  the NEW Option “Smart-RPC” RMGT Fully Automatic Simultaneous Plate Changer

We are introducing the new RMGT fully automatic simultaneous plate changer “Smart-RPC” for the RMGT 9, 7 & 6 Series presses as an option. The “Full-RPC” RMGT’s conventional fully automatic plate changer ejects the used plates and then inserts the new plates one by one sequentially. Compared to this, the new “Smart-RPC” switches the phase of all plate cylinders to the same position, and then changes the plates simultaneously on all printing units. Thanks to this new system, plate changing can now be performed approx. 2 minutes even though it takes approx. 5 minutes using the conventional Full-RPC for the 920PF-8 (convertible 8-color perfector).

Mechanism of the “Smart-RPC” RMGT Fully Automatic Simultaneous Plate Changer (option)




RYOBI MHI 928P with Smart-RPC



For the convertible perfecting press, simultaneous plate changing is done separately on the printing units before and after the perfecting unit. (For both straight printing mode and perfecting mode.)



Shorten the make-ready time thanks to the combination of the Smart-RPC and smart make-ready function

The Smart-RPC further enhances work efficiency by printing in combination with the smart make-ready function which automatically performs blanket cleaning, plate changing, preset inking and test printing. Thanks to these systems, make-ready time before production printing is reduced approx. 30% (approx. 3 minutes) compared with the combination of the Full-RPC and smart make-ready function for the 928P.
Makeready Diagram

This is the printing time measured by RMGT’s technical staff. The actual time will vary depending on the printing conditions, printing environment, and operator experience.