MGI Meteor DP8700XL+

General Info

The Meteor DP8700 XL+ is the latest of MGI’s line of versatile toner-based digital presses. Created for the key markets such as commercial printing, in-plants, plastic card manufacturers, book printers, photo printers, and many others, the Meteor DP8700 XL+ is faster and more precise thanks to a new thinner toner and more higher printing quality. An exclusive MGI feature allows to print up to 1200 mm (47”) long.

While it incorporates the key features that made the Meteor+ series the most versatile in the industry, including true multi-substrate capabilities for paper, plastics and envelopes, laser-safe prints, offset comparable output and no click charge, the Meteor DP8700 XL+ features a host of capabilities designed to maximize production and ease of operation.

Product Advantages:

New XL+ Format Up to 1,200mm/47’’

A format once reserved solely for the offset world, the Meteor DP8700 XL+ can print sheets up to 1,200mm (47’’) in length, the ONLY sheetfed production digital press with this capability. Print personalized banners, calendars, panoramic photographs, brochures, signage and more, all on-demand and in quantities as little as one.

Printing Capabilities Up to 330 x 1,200mm and 400 Gsm

The Digital Press Meteor DP8700 XL+ opens you the doors to an even larger spectrum of profitable applications.
A truly an unique digital press that allows for a large choice of formats combined with a broad range of substrates and thicknesses now up to 400 Gsm.
Thanks to the various input systems, there is always a solution to handle the required substrate at hand:

  • The auto-adjusting offset feeder table feeds substrates from 100x200mm up to the optionnal XL+ format of 330×1,200 mm
  • The pneumatic feeder allows to load 3,000 sheets in the above formats and up to 400 Gsm/400µm.
  • The two internal trays with a total paper capacity of 1,500 sheets handle formats ranging from 140x182mm to 330x487mm
  • The bypass is convenient way to load sheets from 100x148mm to 330×1200 mm and up to so envelopes at any time.
  • The overall productivity allows for: up to 4,260 A4 sheets per hour or 2,280 A3 sheets per hour or 1,200 330x650mm sheets per hour and 600 330x1200mm sheets per hour

Enhanced Print Registration

The new Meteor DP8700 XL+ includes new systems to deliver a more precise and automated print registration.

  • The fully automated offset feeder table has a tolerance of ± 2/10°mm registration to all substrates loaded
  • The new Automated Skew and Centering Adjustment (ASCA) system allows for on-the-fly registration. This involves several step motors and optical sensors and works without any operator involvement. The ASCA system is enabled for each printed side, allowing a very high and consistent registration for all automatic duplex jobs.

Professional Color Management

The new Meteor DP8700 XL+ has major enhancements to color fidelity and rendering thanks to new toner and the new Fiery RIP FS100 Pro.

  • The toner uses more components from the biomass, (i.e from vegetal sources) which reduces environmental impact.  They are melting at a lower temperature, requiring less electricity power to print. The warming-up stages are reduced. The toner are using denser dyes and smaller and more regular particles for larger gamut and delivering richer tones and colors.
  • During production the color stability is continuously monitored thanks to a the on-board spectro-photodensitometers. The external calibration is ensured with Eyeone Pro provided as standard. Furthermore, it allows for color management optimization and allows you to create your own color and substrates profiles.
  • Thanks to the new Fiery RIP FS100 Pro, all your printed files are processed under the latest industry standard ISO Fogra39-12647. The color management is improved and the color produced are similar with other printing devices (offset, plotter, flexo) that are compliant with this standard.
  • The Fiery RIP provides various tools to optimize and customize your prints without having to go back to pre-press.
  • Variable data printing using PPML, FreeForm or Creo VPS workflows will satisfy your most demanding needs and will bring added value to all your jobs (mailing pieces, envelopes with printed address, fidelity cards, …).


  • Paper from 65 to 400 Gsm, 17 lb bond up to 147 lb cover / 16 pt
    Coated matte or glossy, card stock, textured, carbonless and standard offset papers
  • Plastics and Synthetics
    From 100 to 450 µ PVC
    4 mil to 18 mil
    Polycarbonate, polyester, PET, vinyl, Teslin® and more…
  • Format
    Min. size: 100 x148 mm /3.9 x 5.8’’
    Max. size (standard): 330 x 650 mm/13 x26’’
    Max. size (with option): 330 x 1200 mm / 13×47.’’
    Automatic duplex up to 300 gsm / 136 lb bristol / 12 pt.
  • Envelopes
    With or w/o windows
    Formats include DL, C5 & C4 6×9’’, #10 etc.
    Paper weight up to 150 gsm.

Intelligent Substrate Management

Dedicated touch screen with built-in substrate library which automatically adjusts all print settings inside the engine to optimize the printabillity of each paper, envelope and plastic. Maximize productivity by saving specific heat, Infrared and transfer settings for later recall.

Auto-adjusting Offset Feeder Table

The auto-adjusting offset feeder table will automatically adjust the side lay guides on the press to best correspond to all of your formats, adjusting even for paper skew.
A new variable strength suction transport belt allows for a ± 0.2 mm registration.
Ultrasonic Double sheet detection system.

New Toner

Includes green technologies
New formula with componants from the biomass.
New denser dyes with smaller particules for a large gamut and more vibrant colors.
New higher yield toner cartridges.

High Quality Output up to 3600 dpi/270 lpi

Resolution of up to 3600 dpi/270 lpi
3 new stochastic screens with anti-moiré feature.
18 traditional line screens to fit all types of jobs.
Screens in 130, 150, 170, 200 and 270 lpi.
Anti-counterfeiting screen pattern.
256 shades per color (8 bit).
Two different line screens within the same print job.

New Powerful EFI RIP

Delivering print almost 2.5 times faster than its predecessor, the new EFI Fiery FS100 Pro plateform is ideal for complex jobs with VDP, enhanced color management and workflow automation tools.

High Capacity Pneumatic Feeder and Stacker

Friction free suction feeding
Capacity of 3,000 sheets or 30cm/12’’ deep.
Feed papers up to 400 Gsm/147 lb cover/16 pt and plastics up to 450µ/18 mil.
Feed up to 1,200 mm/47’’ via optional XL+ Format kit.

High volume laser guided stacker for output.
Stack up to 6,000 sheets of paper or 60 cm/23’’ depth.

More Productivity with Digital Finisher Pro Inline module

DF PRO is a finishing solution that supports paper substrates up to 4,260 pages per hour. So you can ensure a professional finish to your documents ranging from 375 mm width up to 1,200 mm long (brochures, 5 fold, book cover) and a thickness of 80 to 350 gsm. The combination Meteor+ series and DF PRO is the optimal solution to maximize your productivity.
The DF PRO will allow you to cut (multi-sets), crease (binding) and perforate (detachable coupon) your work. With its 7 basic tools (horizontal and vertical cuts and horizontal perforations), and 3 interchangeable tools (positive or negative vertical creasing and vertical perforation) you can combine up to 10 functions in a single pass.

Efficient Envelope Production

Envelope production can be an instant game changer for your business. Whether you are printing high quality 4-Color logos on envelopes (supplementing an offset run), or printing variable data for direct mail applications, the Meteor DP8700 XL+ can bring in serious profits for your business. Go from the typical DL envelope all the way to the C5 envelopes with or w/o windows, all on demand.

An ideal solution for short and medium run jobs, EnvelopeExpress Pro allows customers to easily integrate four-color process and fully personalized envelope (with variable data) printing capability into their digital portfolio. EnvelopeExpress Pro allows for continuous delivery of up to 400 envelopes at a time, maximizing output volume without interruption of the production cycle of up to 3,000 envelopes per hour.


  • Book Covers (XL Format)
    MGI provides a range of printing and value-added finishing options for book covers on a range of substrates, including paper and canvas.
  • Business Cards
    Produce beautiful 4-color business cards (in the shortest of runs), and finish spot UV coating or hot foil stamping and embossing…MGI has a solution for you.
  • Banners (XL+ Format)
    The Meteor XL+ Format print capabilities (up to 1200 mm / 47 inches in production) open up a whole new range of applications, including banners, calendars, signage and many other “XL+” projects.
  • Brochure & Tri-fold
    Whether it’s a simple duplex page or tri-fold (up to 1200 mm/47″ long) document, MGI’s Digital Presses can produce a wide range of creative and attractive brochures.
  • Printing Books
    The outstanding Meteor print quality allows to produce from short to medium series of printed books. Its exclusive 330×1,200mm/13×47″ format features the page production in n’up pages. The Meteor DP8700 XL+ can manage cover pages as well as inside pages in 4-color or in monochrome.
  • Calendars
    Whether it’s a simple desktop calendar or an eye-catching 1200 mm / 47″ banner, MGI has a solution for every calendar application.
  • Envelopes
    The envelop is more than ever the medium of choice to address the customer with personalized advertising and to convey a powerful marketing message. 4-Color printed envelopes are eye-catching and really grab the attention of the recipient.
  • Tri-fold Brochures (XL+ Format)
    Thanks to the Meteor XL+ Format, you can now print on sheets up to 1200 mm in length (47 inches). Whether you are printing banners, calendars, panoramic photos or even Tri-fold, Z-fold, or Gatefold brochures, take advantage of the largest cut sheet format available in the digital printing industry.
  • Folders
    Whether you’re printing a short run of folders on a 1200 mm / 47 inch sheet or spot UV coating a finished product, MGI has a digital solution for you.
  • Menus
    Print on paper or onto synthetics such as Yupo or polyester for additional durability.
  • Plastic Cards
    MGI’s complete line of solutions for plastic card manufacturing allows an economical method of producing a wide range of plastic card applications, including membership/loyalty, gift, ID. access, RFID and many more. Stop outsourcing and keep your profits in-house!
  • PVC Blister Packaging
    PVC printing capability does not imply automatically PVC card production. Here, it is a nice packaging application made on transparent and opaque PVC, which are HF sealed together. Real sample of a blister using the Meteor to print in 4-Color, a typical B2C product that you can shop into a mall.
  • Point of Sales Material
    From price tags to register signs, window clings to table tents, MGI’s multi-substrate digital printing and finishing solutions can help increase your in-store presence.
  • Outdoor Labeling
    When printing & finishing on laminated Polypropylene (PP) substrates, you can easily create outdoor labelling which will resist to water and abrasion. Seed and flower labeling is another added value application you can rely on, thanks to the MGI products.
  • Letterhead
    MGI’s special silicone free toner and fusing technology will allow you to print laser safe documents, such as letterhead, that will not re-melt during overprinting. Being able to print letterhead digitally instead of running it on an offset press will bring major advantages in terms of costs, plus shorter run options and quick turnarounds.
  • Personalized XL Photobook Covers
    Thanks to the XL+ format, you can now produce personalized XL photobook covers.
    When the photobook is oversized, The Meteor DP8700 XL+ is the right solution to print XL photobook covers (up to 1200 mm/47″ long) in photorealistic quality and fully personalized.
  • Personalized Direct Mail
    Utilize full variable data capabilities on a range of personalized, targeted applications, such as direct mail. Variable information such as text, barcodes, graphics can be customized to each individual member of your audience, resulting in higher response rates and better ROI.
  • Invitations/Greeting Cards
    A wide range of options, from elegant invitations to photo greeting cards, sports trading cards, baby announcements and many more.
  • Carbonless paper
    Update your carbonless forms to 4-color – in even the shortest of runs.
  • Canvas
    Ideal for art prints or book covers.
  • Photobooks
    MGI’s digital printing and finishing solutions offer a wide range of options for custom photo products, such as photobooks. Take an active part in the 25 million of photobooks that will be produced in 2013.
  • RFID Cards
    The PressCard Pro’s individually controlled heat, pressure and cooling circuits allow for even the most sensitive of materials, such as RFID antennas, to be integrated into a wide range of plastic card applications.
  • Tri-fold Carbonless Forms (XL+ Format)
    The XL+ format is not only for high end applications. A tri-fold sales application form on carbonless paper, is also very useful for some customers.
    Thanks to the Meteor DP8700 XL+ format, you could mix on the same printing pass – the fixed data, the application form, as well as the Variable Data – such as numbering, barcode, etc. Everything is digitally printed in short or medium runs up to 1200 mm/47″ long!
  • Tickets
    The Meteor series of Digital Presses combined with the Digital Finisher are the ideal printing and finishing solutions for many applications, such as tickets.
    The power of the digital press allows you to add any VDP such as numbering, barcode, etc.
  • Fabrics
    The Meteor series can print on the widest range of synthetics, including some fabric materials, ideal for applications such as short runs of mattress tags.
  • Synthetic Materials
    MGI’s versatile digital presses open up a wide range of synthetic applications, such as tags, labels, maps, charts, licenses, id cards, menus, posters, medical charts, signs, calendars, training manuals, presentation folders, key fobs and much more
  • Stickers & Labels
    Print on a wide range of labels and stickers, including vinyl, static cling, polyester and many other adhesive materials.
  • Offset Personalization
    Because the Meteor is able to print on normal offset substrates, you can integrate the ability to overprint and personalize your offset prints into your workflow, offering your customers a new value added service that is both high margin with a very low cost of production.

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