Foliant 720HP

General Info

Foliant 720HP
Simple Manual Laminating Machine

The Foliant 720HP is a simple manual laminating machine, designed with an operating width of 28.3″ (720 mm). It represents an ideal choice for a professional in-house single side lamination in small offset and Digital printing shops running at speeds up to 32’/minute (10 meters/min).

With a very small footprint of 44″ x 47″ (110 x 117 cm), the Foliant 720HP laminator offers a maximum sheet size of 28.3″ x 39.3″ (75 x 100 cm) and a minimum sheet size of 8-1/2″ x 11″ (30 x 25 cm / A4). The roll of a film is mounted on an easy handle shaft with a film tension control breaker. The shaft capacity is up to 10,000′ (3000 m) of the 1.2 mil (31 microns) film. The film holder unit is equipped with a trim slitter and a perforating wheel.

The laminating process is done between two laminating rollers – an upper heated silicone roller, and a lower hard rubber pressure roller. The laminating roller is heated with an infra-red heating spiral, with a sensitive contact temperature sensor. The pressure is mechanically adjustable to achieve the pressure between the laminating rollers and the unit is equipped with an adjustable decurl unit.

The Foliant 720HP is a manual machine, for an easy paper loading the laminating unit is equipped with a synchronized feeding conveyor and an adjustable side guide. Separation of laminated sheets are handled manually. Due to the perforation of film which is done in the process of laminating, the whole process is easy. An optional separator unit can be added at a later date.

The machine laminates OPP films 1 mil to 1.7 mil (23 – 42 microns).

Options include:

  • Modular stand MS720 – Is a simple steel stand for the machine.
  • Film Supply Roll Shaft  – Having an extra Film Supply Roll Shaft allows for quicker film replacement.


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